North Carolina Social Studies Preview

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1st grade Social Studies preview

Behavioral Sciences

1 B.1.1 Identify cultural practices and traditions in local communities and places around the world.


1.G.1.1 Use maps, globes, and/or digital representations to identify various types of landforms of places around the world. 


1.H.1.1 Explain how the experiences and achievements of people throughout history have helped contribute to the changes in various local communities and communities around the world over time.

2nd grade Social Studies preview

Behavioral Science

2.B.1.1 Identify the various values and beliefs of diverse cultures that have shaped American identity.


2.H.1.1 Summarize contributions of various women, indigenous, religious, racial, and other minority groups that have impacted American history. 

3rd grade Social Studies preview

Civics and Government

3.C&G.1.1 Understand the structure and function of state and local government. 

3.C&G.1.3 Compare how state, local, and tribal governments help solve problems within communities. 


3.H.1.1 Explain how the experiences and achievements of women, indigenous, religious, & racial groups have contributed to development of local community. 

3.H.1.2 Explain the lasting impact historical events have had on local communities. 

4th grade Social Studies preview

Civics and Government

4.C&G.1.1 Compare the roles and responsibilities of state elected leaders. 


4.E.1.2 Explain factors that have led to economic growth and decline for North Carolina’s major industries. 


4.G.1.1 Compare the development of various geographic regions in North Carolina using geographic tools and representations. 

4.G.1.3 Summarize the reasons for forced and voluntary migration to, from, and within North Carolina. 

5th grade Social Studies preview


5.G.1.2 Explain ways in which voluntary and forced migration and slavery led to changes in the landscape of the United States, using maps. 


5.H.1.1 Explain how the experiences and achievements of women, minorities, indigenous groups, and marginalized people have contributed to change and innovation in the United States 

5.H.1.3 Explain the ways in which revolution, reform, and resistance have shaped the United States. 

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Teacher Tool Request - Empowering Educators to Customize Learning Materials

We are excited to introduce the Teacher Tool Request feature, designed to provide advanced customization capabilities for educators using our platform. This tool empowers educators with advanced access to tailor various learning materials, including lyrics to songs, videos, worksheets, and quizzes, ensuring a more personalized and effective learning experience for their students.

How It Works:

  1. Customization Opportunities: Educators with advanced access can personalize every aspect of the learning material. This includes the ability to customize lyrics for songs, videos, worksheets, and quizzes.

  2. Teacher Tool Request Button: The Teacher Tool Request button serves as the gateway for educators to request and upload information for specific topics or propose new ones. This feature enables educators to contribute to the continuous improvement of our educational resources.

  3. Simple Input Process: To make a request, educators need to input the following details:

    • Teacher Code or School Code
    • Teacher Name
    • School Name
    • Subject & Standard Number
    • Topic
    • Detailed outline of the points to be included in the material
  4. Subscription Grade Level: It is essential to note that all teacher requests must align with their subscription grade level(s). This ensures that the customized material remains relevant to the students’ educational needs.

Our Goal:

Our primary objective is to assist educators in enhancing their teaching methodologies and helping students retain information at an accelerated pace. By allowing customization, we aim to create a more engaging and tailored learning experience, fostering a deeper understanding of the subjects.

Get Started:

  1. Click on the Teacher Tool Request button.
  2. Input the necessary details for your request.
  3. Provide a detailed outline for the topic customization.

We appreciate your commitment to education, and we are confident that this tool will be a valuable asset in your teaching toolkit.

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